Reparestim® Strech Marks TD

  • Improve reepithelialization, improve skin tension and elasticity
  • Improve dermal volume and hydration, actively improve new skin cells generation
  • Skin firming effect, better skin thickness and quality
  • Improve intercellular matrix quality and global skin metabolism
  • Immunomodulator and antioxidant effect

Average volume/session:
5 mL / area, maximum 10 mL / session

Protocol of application:
Micro needling system, AD Roll, ExcellDerm Pro, electroporation, electrophoresis, iontophoresis or other non-invasive techniques improving skin bio-availability of product

1 session / week · 1 protocol = 4-6 sessions average

Maintenace sessions:
Repeat protocol 1-3 times a year

Combination with other aesthetic procedures:
  • Reparestim Stretch Marks TD can be used 1 week before Easy Phytic solution
  • Reparestim Stretch Marks TD can be applied before Easy TCA peel (between peelings or immediately before peeling)
  • Reparestim Stretch Marks TD can be combined with biorevitalization products containing Hyaluronic Acid
  • Reparestim Stretch Marks TD can enhance results of other anti stretch marks medical devices
  • ExcellDerm Pro after Reparestim Stretch Marks TD: synergetic action

Daily Care
AD Daily Care Stretch Marks (coming soon) 2 times a day, 24 days
Reparestim Strech Marks TD
10 mL vial / 6 Vials in a box
2 Plastic dispensers.
0.35 fl.oz.
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