Reparestim® Hair TD


  • Provide balanced hair nutrients
  • Stimulate perifollicular dermal matrix
  • Prevent excessive hair loss
  • Restore hair vitality
  • Skin preparation before hair transplantation
  • Recommended after pregnancy and nursing period, stress, starvation, unbalanced diets, etc.

Average volume/session:
3-5 mL / area

Protocol of application:
Micro needling system, AD Roll TD® (0.25 - 1.5 mm)

1 session / week · 1 protocol = 8 sessions average (Option B: 3 series of 4 sessions with 2 weeks break)

Maintenace sessions:
Repeat protocol 1-3 times a year

Combination with other aesthetic procedures:

Can be combined with any invasive and noninvasive treatments or devices

Daily Care

AD Daily Care Hair as long as necessary to maintain the result

Reparestim Hair
1 box
5 mL vial / 6 Vials in a box
2 Dispensers
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