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AD Daily Care Hair

AD Daily Care Hair is a topical solution with highly efficient synergic natural extracts which combat hair fall. Hair fall may be due to many different factors. Some of them may influence a capillary cycle phase altering its growth. During a normal capillary cycle, hair grows, rests and falls. It is a non-simultaneous process for all hairs, each being in a different phase. AD Daily Care Hair is a capillary regenerator which revitalises and strengthens capillary fibre via a greater contribution of essential nutrients for capillary growth and a stimulating action of hair growth factors. AD Daily Care Hair is indicated for both men and women as preventive or maintenance care of excessive hair fall.

50 ml solution + 50 ml refill

AD Daily Care Eyes

AD Daily Care Eyes is an active gel for eyelids. It’s a definitive help to:

· Enhance skin elasticity
· Get an antioxidant effect
· Get a whitening effect
· Reduce the aspect of swollen eyes
· Decongest eyes contour
· Smooth eyes contour
· Enhance the appearance of bags under the eyes
AD Daily Care Eyes penetrates rapidly, has a pleasant fragrance and not sticky texture.

Box of 1 bottle - 15 ml serum

Post Treatment Daily Care

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