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AESTHETIC DERMAL is a brand of Skin Tech Pharma Group S.L. (1996). It is an European company situated in north of Spain, which formulates and manufactures medical devices and cosmetic products. 
Aesthetic Dermal presents a full line of complex and simple sterile mixtures (“Reparestim® TD” and "Mesocare") to be applied using electroporation, electrophoresis, non thermogenic radiofrequencies (“Excellderm® Pro”). Aesthetic Dermal also presents a full line of CE Class III injectable products (“RRS®”).

Aesthetic Dermal maintains since its birth, an innovative spirit with a clear purpose: to study, create and offer a large range of sterile solutions with an exclusive quality level. Our simple meso solutions (Mesocare®) as well as our complex cocktails (“Reparestim® TD”) are based on scientific researches and studies, in a way that the practitioners can have many possibilities to create individual procedures and obtain optimal results. 

Thanks to its philosophy – Aesthetic Dermal has not only provided the mesoterapy market with innovative products but also has maintained a constant relation with Doctors and Patients, offering them special educational programmes and a full information about new products and tendencies.

Aesthetic Dermal has also maintained its priority to guaranty the security, safety and efficacy of its products. Skin Tech Pharma Group SL is certified by ISO 9001:2008 since 2009 by ISO 13.485:2003 since 2011, and by ISO 22716 (GMP). Aesthetic Dermal also offers the large range of CE Class III sterile injectable devices, based on hyaluronic acid and/or Organic Silicium associated with an ancillary solution that helps the dermal filler to archieve its effect in specific skin disorders.


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